COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

  1. 6 feet of social distancing will be maintained inside of clinic.
  1. All adults and children will wear face coverings. Children 2 and under or children unable to tolerate a mask are excluded.
  1. Families will wait outside the front door until motioned to come in. Once inside, temperature checks and health screens of all staff and families will be performed before they can participate in therapy.
  1. Parents not attending the session are asked to wait outside. Families not able to wait outside may wait in waiting room as long as 6 feet of distance is maintained.
  1. Staff and clients will stop at sanitation station to sanitize hands thoroughly before going into therapy. Staff and clients will sanitize hands again before leaving therapy room.
  1. Staff will drop off completed client health log face down in Addie’s inbox.
  1. Rounds of frequently touched surfaces (light switches, door handles, cabinet drawer handles, toilet handles, faucets, sinks, etc.), as well as refill of hand sanitizer, soap dispenser, disinfectant spray bottles, and paper towels will be conducted regularly.
  1. Clients will not share gym space.
  1. Treatment rooms/gyms must be cleaned and sanitized before next child can enter.
  1. All therapy materials/equipment will be thoroughly sanitized between each client.
  • This includes bean bag chairs, therapy balls, barrel, crash pad, and all toys.

  • Moon swing, fish tunnel, cuddle swing, any stuffed animals, felt board manipulatives, baby doll clothes, or other therapy materials made of fabric will be put in a trash bag for LuAnn to take home and launder after single use.

  1. At the end of session, therapists will hold out different options of stickers and allow the child a choice of one by pointing at/naming the specific sticker.
  1. HVAC with fans and two medical grade Air Purifiers will run in the clinic throughout the day.


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“I would honestly have to say Blast Off has provided us with quality support and care. My daughter has grown in ways I couldn’t even imagine before we began and I am extremely grateful. They cater to your needs and schedule and you can tell everyone genuinely cares about your child and their progress.”

- Mariah S.
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